Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The Hedge Project

I seem to have re-prioritised my time and blogging has quite unconsciously been demoted.    Maybe I'm doing stuff slower these days, or maybe I'm just doing other stuff, but I certainly seem to get to blogger much less often than I used to.

Well anyway, here's one of the things Jenny and I got up to over the winter, finally finishing the project about three weeks ago.   I did eventually find a 'before' photo dating from 1992, but then realised it's just anyole leylandii hedge so there's no point inserting it here.

You'll be able to tell from the shape of the image that I've stitched together a couple of photographs!

This hedge was mature when we bought the house in 1986 and we've never liked it, though until now, not disliked it enough to actually do anything about it.  But now we've stripped off all the green stuff, so the conifers will die, and we've planted hawthorn, blackthorn, dog rose, guelder rose, bramble, honeysuckle, etc, intending it to grow into a more typical English hedgerow, better to look at than the old one and more environmentally friendly to boot.  The old trunks lend an architectural character to it, and the trellis with brushwood screening attached improves our privacy while the hedge is growing.

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