Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Fabulous contemporary dance!

We went to see the Richard Alston Dance Company at the Cambridge Arts Theatre last night, and it was simply breathtaking!  They did three short sessions, with two intervals, which is not uncommon with contemporary dance, since it's so physical.  I think they'd exhaust themselves if they tried to organise it any other way.

One of the unusual features of this company is that they have one or more musicians on stage providing the music, whereas most companies have recorded music.   The disadvantage is that some of the floor space is taken up by the grand piano, but that didn't seem to cause any difficulty.  Well, they'll have rehearsed with the piano there for years, so must be used to it.

We were really enjoying it and telling each other how good it was, but when they started the final set we were just blown away.  This is called The Devil in the Detail and is set to a series of Scot Joplin rags.  Not only was the dancing brilliant, but it was also perfectly obvious that the performers were having an absolute whale of a time.

There's a short clip on their website, but I couldn't manage to embed the html, so I'm afraid you'll have to click the link to see them in action.  This is a the last minute and a half or so of Devil in the Detail.

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