Friday, 8 March 2013

Eating Out 3

On Wednesday we tried another new restaurant.  I'd heard at my Spanish class that the Lalbagh Indian restaurant in Bourn was excellent and won awards for its food, and this was corroborated by the waitress in one of the local restaurants which we use, so I booked, and five of us went.  I used google streetview to check exactly where it is, and discovered that it's in what used to be the Duke of Wellington pub, so it's not been open many years.

Our table was really dark, though I was OK as I was sitting directly under the only recessed ceiling spotlight, but John had to fire up the torch app in his mobile phone to read the menu.  They did turn the lights up a bit, but even so, his side of the table was too dark.

But the food was terrific - much better than that in the two Indians in Royston, and definitely worth the drive out.  The other thing we noticed was that what was on offer was quite different, too, giving us lots to explore in the future.  I've not doubt we'll be back!

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