Friday, 8 March 2013

Eating Out 2

Actually, this is in the wrong order, but hey.

On the Wednesday, actually the day before my birthday, we'd decided to give Cira, the new Turkish restaurant in Royston a second chance.  The first time we went, in the week they opened, the food had been rather cool and one of our party had been distinctly unimpressed by his bone-in lamb casserole, but as I'd mentioned the cool food when we left, we figured they'd had a chance to fix things, so we should try again.

I booked a table for eight people, having forgotten that Lorna and Richard had decided that, as it was my birthday-ish, they'd forgo their pilates class and join us.  Fortunately the restaurant was well up to the challenge.

The place was pretty full, which was really encouraging, and we weren't the only party, as there was another group of at least 15, but the service was still reasonably quick, and all went well.  The food was good, too, though the moussaka that several of us had was rather ordinary rather than anything special.  Not that I minded, since I think even an ordinary moussaka is a nice thing to eat.

The only thing that was less than perfect was that after we'd paid the bill and were getting ready to go, the manager stopped us and implied (he was a long way away from me and I didn't hear exactly what he said) some free delicacy would arrive.  However, nothing happened for quite a while, and with no booze left on the table, I was getting restive, so Jenny and I scarpered.

Apparently a couple of plates of pieces of various fruits arrived some time later.  Described as delicious, but even so, I was glad we'd gone home.

Then I felt guilty because, as birthday host, I should really have stayed to the bitter end.  Oh well.

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