Friday, 8 March 2013

Eating Out 1

It being my birthday last week, Jenny and I had discussed eating out somewhere, and I'd settled on Sheene Mill, a restaurant in a nearby village.  It had been run by a couple who previously had run an outrageously expensive restaurant in the same village, but when they had split up, it closed.

Recently it reopened, run by that couple's daughter and her partner.  We'd thought about eating there, but before we managed to do anything about it, read in the local rag that they'd been burgled and had lost a couple of grand's worth of wine.

"Oh, the miserable shits!" we thought "We have to support these guys!"

So last Friday night, we ate in the Sheene Mill, and very nice it was, too.  Expensive, but not outrageous, and very good indeed.

I started with king scallops on black pudding, and my first thought was "Ten quid for two scallops!" but then I put some of it in my mouth, and immediately thought "Bloody worth it, too!"  It was just divine.

Jenny had a roasted pear, spinach and feta salad, which she said was lovely.

Then I had a small slow-cooked lamb shank on a bed of roasted garlic mash (ie mashed potato with roasted garlic in it) while Jenny had a duck leg casserole with some sort of beans (the sample menu on their website doesn't quite match the one we had, but then, it's a sample menu, not an actual one!.)  For veg we shared a small dish of green beans cooked with slivers of onion.  And it was all just wonderful, so we were delighted we'd decided to go there, and will again.

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