Monday, 25 February 2013

Today's small achievement

No, not the yoghurt maker, though I am very pleased with that.  No, the achievement is its location.

For the past 25 years the central heating boiler has been in this little niche behind the kitchen door, but when the lovely Ian Ruggles came to replace it, he told me that it had been illegally sited by the previous installer, as the exhaust was venting over a neighbouring property, so the new one is in the attic.

I immediately took down the bookshelves full of cookbooks on the other side of the kitchen, as behind the door was a much more convenient location than where they were, and they're now happily installed.

But the old boiler used the power point you can see the yoghurt maker plugged into.  It wasn't a socket, but a switched, wired connection.  The electrician just removed the wire sticking out and left the box where it was.

Today, I replaced the front of that box with a proper, switched single socket that I found in the cupboard of never-to-be-discarded electrical junk in the cellar, and hey presto, the yoghurt maker has a proper home, no longer cluttering up the worktop every time I want to make yoghurt!

I know, it's a small thing, but then I'm easily pleased!

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