Monday, 25 February 2013

A bloody nice surprse!

So an envelope just dropped through the letterbox and I found myself the unexpected recipient of a gold blood donor card!  I don't keep track of how much blood I've given, so it came as a nice surprise to discover I've made 50 donations and am thus eligible for the gold card.

At the moment the service is running an experiment to determine the optimum frequency of donation.  They've signed up 50,000 donors and given them different frequencies.  I give every two months, which is more often than I was giving before, but I've not noticed any adverse effects.  It will be interesting to find out whether things like age, sex, race, blood type, etc, affect the frequency you can give blood, or whether everyone can give every three months, say. Not sure how long the study will go on, but I imagine it will be for at least a couple of years.

Yes, I'm looking forward to reading about what they find.

And if you don't already give blood, please give it a go.  It's really no big deal, and there is a desperate need for more blood.  You will be saving lives, I assure you.

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