Wednesday, 23 January 2013

TW:eed Project website

I've created a new website for Jenny's consortium project and it's recently gone live.  There were lots of infuriating delays, but at least it's finally there!  If you're interested you can see what we're up to at or or you can just click the flag logo.  I'm not sure why we've got two domains that point to the same site.

TW:eed stands for Tetrapod World: Early Evolution and Diversification.

The colours in the flag logo are based on those used in the Geological Survey maps of the area.  The pink colour is from the Devonian Old Red Sandstones, the darker blue is the Ballagan Formation which is the bit we're interested in and the paler blue at the top is the Fell Sandstones, by which time all the interesting stuff had already happened!

The animal bottom left is a life reconstruction of the Devonian Acanthostega gunnari which Jenny has worked on for the past 20 years, while the one upper right is the mid-Carboniferous Eucritta melanolimnetes which came from a quarry near Edinburgh.  When Jenny described the new species, she had a laugh, because the name means "early creature (eu, critter) from the black (melano) lagoon (limnetes)".  She did think she was lucky to get away with "critta" as it's neither Greek nor Latin, which is generally what's expected.

The bony hand is a composite which Jenny drew especially for the logo.

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