Friday, 18 January 2013


As I take part in the BTO Garden Birdwatch, every now and then I look out of one of the back windows to see what I can see.  A few moments ago, through the light snow, I spotted a male sparrowhawk sitting in the apple tree at the other end of our garden.  I got a great view.  Then he took off and flew diagonally across the garden towards me, but as he passed out of my sight (the house is L-shaped and I was in the foot of the L) there was the typical 'bonk' of a large bird hitting a window.

"Oh bugger, I hope he's OK" I thought as I rushed through to the appropriate bedroom. 

I'm delighted to say it was not the sparrowhawk that hit the window, but a pigeon, who was still standing on the flat roof of our utility room, looking rather dazed.  It flew off a few minutes later, so it was obviously OK, too.

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