Tuesday, 8 January 2013

New boiler

About six years ago I replaced our central heating boiler, but the guy who did it was useless, despite coming recommended. The worst of his mistakes took us a while to cotton on to.  We noticed that when it was really cold outside, parts of the house were chilly, too, to the point that eventually we would shut down the guest bedroom in really cold weather - turn the radiator off and shut the door - but that's not really an acceptable solution.  For a start, some of Jenny's clothes are in there, and then we also use it to dry our washing.

Eventually we realised the installation engineer had looked at the old boiler, which had a range of power settings, ignored what it had actually been set to and just chose the lowest setting, and installed the equivalent, which was an 18kW boiler.  When I calculated the power requirements using a couple of online calculators, I reckoned we needed a 24kW boiler, so no wonder we were cold.

We  now have a pet plumber and central heating engineer whom we trust, and when I spoke to him about it, we also decided to install new radiators in the attic, hopefully making that into a room we can comfortably use in the winter, so overkill is good and the new boiler will be 30kW.

He did the first few days before Christmas, but left decommissioning the old boiler until now, and he's here now.  The old boiler is in the garage and he's connecting up the new.  We'll be without heat tonight, but hopefully it will be up and running tomorrow.  Well, or Thursday, I guess.  Fortunately the outside air temperature is 10°C, so a fan heater should be enough.

So if you know anyone near Royston who needs a Vaillant ecoTEC Plus 618 boiler they can have it for a couple of hundred quid or so.

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