Friday, 4 January 2013


On New Year's Eve a group of friends came around to our house to see in the new year.  There were, if I recall correctly, 11 of us.  We'd decided to watch a movie, so most of them turned up around 9, though we'd not added up the numbers carefully enough and actually, it was a bit cosy.  We can comfortably accommodate 9, so a couple of folks had to sit on the floor.

As is usual for these occasions, we provided popcorn, kettle chips, nuts, etc, and folks brought a bottle.

Lorna and Richard brought Lorna's mother who was staying with them for the holiday period, and Julie, who had lent us Sleeping with the Enemy for the occasion, decided that the start was probably a bit raunchy for someone in her eighties.  I've never seen it, so have no opinion.  So we watched Dirty Dancing instead, and had a thoroughly good time.  Of course, you have to suspend disbelief quite a lot, but hey, it's the Winter Festivities, so we can manage that!

Not so in the movie we went to see last night.  We went to see what I think was the last night of The Hobbit at Letchworth Broadway.  We usually go there as it's easy to park and there's an Indian restaurant just across the car park.  And we usually try to go in the last week of showing, when that cinema is often empty. 

What a waste of time!  We didn't notice the controversial 48fps that people have been making such a fuss about.  The 3D was OK, but after a while you stop noticing it.  Their computer generated flying animals - eagles, small birds, butterflies, are simply rubbish.  No anatomist was involved in the making of those images. Ptchah!  Makes me cross.  They put so much effort into so many details in these movies, but they can't be bothered to make the things that fly look like real animals.

But worst of all was that it was mostly goodies versus orc battle scenes, endless bloody (actually no blood at all that I saw) battle scenes.  Pretty much all the orcs look identical, I think they only had one model in the computer, and they're all complete lightweights, judging by how easily the good guys brushed them aside without suffering the least injury.

Thirteen dwarves and Bilbo must have dealt with thousands of orcs and there was only one injury, and that at the very end.  It put me most in mind of a computer game, though to be truthful, I never play that sort of computer game, so have only the haziest notion of what they're really like.  You occasionally see a clip on the telly, and that's what this made me think of.

And the ridiculous underground suspended walkways, bits of old rope and planks hanging across chasms.  Give me a break!

And the way the anyone could somehow fall hundreds of feet, bouncing off the walls of the chasm and then just get up at the bottom, brush off the dust and start again.  Oh, come on!

I went in expecting a decent movie, but by about an hour in I was starting to feel restless, and I just got more bored and cynical as the evening progressed.  Talk about milking it!

There was the odd decent bit, but not much. I don't think I'll bother seeing the other two episodes, though Jenny might want to go.

Might read the book again, mind.

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