Friday, 28 December 2012


OK, so I'm a bit behind posting this, but hey, it's Christmas!  We had a great time, and I hope you, dear reader, did too! I crocheted Jenny a beret with a flower on it, which inevitably needed to be adjusted for size, but which I've now done.  I only do crochet once in a blue moon, but there are endless video tutorials on the net, so I spent a small amount of time watching a few of those, then got on and did it, and not only did she say she liked it, but actually, it doesn't look at all bad.

I also made her this 7cm-wide silver brooch, which probably only a handful of people in the entire world will fully appreciate. I saw the design as a tattoo on the web with that wave-effect, and a mediaeval fish in the middle. 

I was very taken with the design, so replaced the fish with a life reconstruction of a beast called Crassigyrinus, which was one of the first fossils we found when we started exploring the lowermost Carboniferous rocks in the Borders Region of Scotland a couple of years ago.

As you can imagine, there are not too many people who'd recognise it at all, and fewer still who would realise that it was part of the ecosystem during the period Jenny and her colleagues are investigating in the course of her latest, greatest project.

It got the thumbs-up, too, which was a relief as it was damn hard work to make! The chain is because over the years, Jenny has lost several brooches when the pin has come undone, so I've got into the habit of adding a short length of chain with some sort of pin so she can secure it twice, just in case.  To be sure to be sure, if you like.

Dinner was pot-roasted haunch of muntjac, and very delicious it was, too.  We hadn't expected it to be quite so big, and at the end of dinner had only reduced its 1.8kg to about 1.5kg!  However, some of the leftovers will be made into Muntjac en croute on Sunday, which will be good, I almost guarantee.

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