Thursday, 15 November 2012

Talking up the project

On Saturday, Jenny and I went down to London to University College, where Jenny gave a 45 minute talk about the project at the Geologists' Association's Festival of Geology. It was very well received, and she was asked to sign a copy of her book!

Jenny was the last of four speakers, and was preceded by Professor Iain Stewart, geologist, vulcanologist and TV presenter.  He turned out to be just as nice as he seems on the telly.

It turns out he knows Tim Kearsey from the British Geological Survey in Edinburgh and Sarah Davies from Leicester University, had been speaking separately to them in the past few weeks, but only realised that the projects they were so excited about were one and the same, namely Jenny's Romer's Gap project.  He sat in on Jenny's talk and was very complimentary when we chatted afterwards.

On Monday I drove Jenny over to Leicester for her to give the same talk to the Leicester Literary and Philosophical Society.  Her talk was timed to start at 7.30, which would have meant some awkward train journeys, but it was no big deal for me to drive her over there, particularly as they paid for my diesel and gave me a nice dinner!

Before dinner, we managed to see a display of some of the rocks Carys and Sarah had collected in August and October, some sawn in half and polished, and that was really fascinating.  I need to learn some sedimentology, as every time they talk about the stuff they do, I'm completely baffled.  Mostly the people there were students, but there were a few from the Lit and Phil Soc.  Jenny took along a selection of the fossils we've collected, which stirred some interest from those there.

Leicester Lit and Phil is obviously thriving, as there were well over 100 people there, perhaps more than at the GA meeting on Saturday, and they were clearly just as interested in what Jenny was saying as the London crowd.  Overall, a very interesting few days.

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