Monday, 8 October 2012

Evensong in Southwark Cathedral

On Saturday we caught the train to London and the Northern Line across to London Bridge, then walked to Southwark Cathedral.  After an hour or so's rehearsal, we sang choral evensong to a congregation of a dozen or so, including some of our own groupies.  We did a set of responses written by our conductor, Magnificat and Nunc Dimitis in D by Wood and Joubert's O lord, the maker of all thinge, and we did them rather well.

After we'd finished singing, there was a bit of praying, which you just can't avoid, and the clergy person started praying for peace, possibly in the Middle East, I wasn't listening, when I was struck by a thought.  You'd imagine they'd realise how futile it is praying for peace.  I mean, if it ever did any good, surely there we'd have seen some peace breaking out occasionally, but no.  Complete waste of breath.  Well, you know I think that already, so maybe I'm wasting my own breath.

Jenny and I had taken the precaution of preparing a stew of ox cheeks in red wine, which we left on the timer.  When we ate it at 8.30 it was just gorgeous, accompanied by our own, home-grown potatoes and carrots.  Yum!

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Jennyta said...

Ox cheeks in red wine, Now there's a dish I've never tasted. Must look out for some ox cheeks up here in wild Wales...