Wednesday, 5 September 2012


The other day we picked our first sweetcorn cobs, and I have to say, I am feeling dead smug!  They were well up to commercial size, and because I picked them at the peak of readiness and they were on our plates within 10 minutes, they were completely scrummy!  Not quite sure why I thought it necessary to stick a Swiss Army knife in there for scale, since we all know what size sweetcorn is, but there you go!

We are going to have our work cut out eating them before they are actually over the top.  I suspect we're going to have to give some away.

I don't trust weather forecasts beyond a day or so ahead, but the BBC forecast shows sun all day on Saturday and a nice high of 25°, which if right, means a barbie, I suspect.  Ah yes, barbecued sweetcorn!  Me gusta mucho!


ArcticFox said...

I think it was William Burroughs who said about penknives..... that once you have one you need another to open the first one with... ad infinitum.... and in this case we need another penknife to give some scale to your original swiss army knife..... is it one of the larger ones with a spork attachment or is it one of the little "lady" ones that does manicures?

Rob Clack said...

Ha ha, v funny! It's a little one that, as you say, does manicures. More to the point, it has a corkscrew, so goes everywhere with me!