Monday, 10 September 2012

Stan Wood, fossil hunter extraordinaire

It is with great sadness that we learn of the death of Stan Wood yesterday, 9th September.  He was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer about 15 months ago, so we've known the end was coming for some time.  It is nevertheless, devastating.

Stan had been a professional fossil collector for several decades, and his skill and perseverance in that field was second to none. He supplied universities and museums with a series of spectacular fossils which broadened our understanding of the evolution of early tetrapods enormously.

Most recently, Stan was working with another of Jenny's colleagues, Tim Smithson, discovering a wealth of fossils from the lowermost Carboniferous, a period known as Romer's Gap, about which I blogged not long ago.

There is also a blog entry about him posted by the man who bought Stan's business.

Stan will be sadly missed.


ArcticFox said...

sorry to hear it, sir!

I'm greatly envious of anyone with fossil collecting skills!

Rob Clack said...

Stan could find stuff where you'd swear there was nothing to be found!

Anonymous said...

so sad about stan,, he will be dearly missed.. it wa stan who got me my interest in fossils