Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Today I had a wisdom tooth extracted.  The dentist had persuaded me that both upper wisdom teeth needed to come out, and had booked me in to have them both done in the same appointment.  Later, friends suggested that was a cruel and unusual punishment, so I phoned and brought one forward to today.  The receptionist told me quite confidently that upper wisdom teeth 'just flick out', implying I was making an unnecessary fuss.

When I walked into the surgery, the dentist still seemed to be under the impression he was doing both, and clearly couldn't understand my reluctance refusal to go along with Plan A. Anyhow, after some discussion, he injected just the left side, and after a few minutes to let the anaesthetic take effect, started making with the pliers.

When you have to have wisdom teeth extracted, do not let them persuade you to do more than one at a time!

The tooth did not 'just flick out'.  He struggled for fully 10 (OK, probably only 5) minutes before it finally came out, during which time he yanked my head around all over the place and succeeded in bruising my lips all around the left side of my mouth.  Not only is the inside of my mouth sore, but the outside is too!  I bet he's never had a wisdom tooth out!  Actually I'm not sure he's old enough to have any yet.

Jenny is at a conference in Oxford and I shall indulge myself on the culinary front, as I usually do when she's away, so I've just been to Tesco and bought myself a piece of skinless boneless haddock, as I think I deserve something soft and easy to eat.  I'll probably poach it in milk and then make something like a creamy mushroom sauce, with noodles for the carbs.  And a bottle of Puilly Fuisse for the anaesthetic!


Jennyta said...

Sounds like the perfect meal, Rob. Wisdom teeth certainly do not 'just flick out' - not in my experience anyway and I too had the bruises to prove it!

ArcticFox said...

I don't go to dentists..... I don't trust them as far as I could throw them.

One time when I had an abscessed tooth removed, both the dentist and the nurse were asking me if I was ok and suggesting that I ought to stay seated for a while...... It wasn't until I got outside and lit a cigarette, and smoke started billowing out of my nose that I realised I had now inherited a chimney where my tooth used to be..... a hole right through into my nose..... incredible!! I'm sure there's a reason for this but I'd rather not think about it too much.... suffice to say, I've stopped smoking now!!!!

Rob Clack said...

Wow! A hole right up into your nose. Amazing!

I'm glad to say that although I had to take some ibuprofen this morning, the pain has now subsided considerably.