Friday, 28 September 2012

Cat in a basket

It's not immediately obvious from this photo, but the cat has taken to sitting in a small basket of woolen gloves which Jenny likes to keep on a table near the front door.  (Why we don't put them away in the summer is a mystery!)

The cat is awake and compos mentis in this photo, but quite commonly sleeps curled up on her side, head tucked under a paw, so is much less obvious.

This morning our cleaner was dusting in the hall and noticed that the pile of stuff in the basket was bigger than usual, but you can dust on autopilot, so the next bit didn't surprise me at all.

Yes, she dusted the cat!

Cat gave her a rather aggrieved look, apparently!

We're a bit worried about the cat.   A couple of years ago she suddenly got a patch of itchy, flakey skin at the base of her tail, which the vet treated with a steroid injection.

Recently, this has flared up again, much worse than before, and we've had various inconveniences, like holidays in Spain, which have interfered with our ability to take the cat to the vet.  Anyhow, she's booked in on Monday, and not before time.  She's lost quite a bit of weight, and with all the licking and scratching, quite a bit of fur, too, so she's looking rather ratty, which is not bad for a cat!   Let's hope the vet can sort her out pronto.

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