Monday, 30 July 2012

Ringing swifts

On Friday, Doug, the warden of Fowlmere nature reserve, was ringing some swift nestlings from nests in a barn near his office, and had invited some staff from RSPB HQ at Sandy to come and get some experience.  They had all done a bit of ringing before, but not of swifts, so this was a perfect opportunity.  Jenny and I went along just to watch.

It was really interesting to watch, for a bit, but actually, once you've seen a few birds being ringed and measured, it quickly loses its edge, so after they'd done a couple of nests, we came away.  Sadly, I didn't check the photographs I'd taken immediately, something I almost always do, and when I came to download them onto the PC, I found them rather disappointing.  This is the least bad of them.

I did expect them to be carrying a parasite load, but had no idea that the lousefly is so big - it's easily 5mm long, and each bird can carry several of them.  Revolting!


Jennyta said...

And I was just about to have lunch...! ;)

ArcticFox said...

blech - that's gruesome!