Wednesday, 25 July 2012


On Friday we had the inaugural meeting of the Romer's Gap Project team, and it was really exciting to actually meet (almost) everyone involved.  The Principal Investigators met slightly earlier, then the rest of us turned up, the others of 'the rest' being what's called Project Partners.

So the saga behind that is that the PI's get funding from the NERC grant, which means they can take on PhD students and hire Post-doctoral Research Associates to help them with their individual projects, while the Project Partners don't get funding, so can't hire extra staff, but still collaborate - they're interested in the field, this is quite a prestigious project, the results seem almost bound to be revolutionary and there's a good chance they'll get their names on some of the papers that we expect will be published.

I knew Jenny wanted to create a website for the project, but didn't know any details.  Turns out the British Geological Survey will host the site, but I should be involved in its creation.  We'll be using Wordpress Content Management software, which I gather means that once we've created the skeleton of the site, the other scientists involved can post their own text and pictures.  I only know Wordpress as blogging software, but apparently it looks and feels the same when you use it for CM, so that sounds pretty good to me.

There will also be a blog, and a twitter feed, but I'm so far behind the times I know nothing about tweeting.  I did hope I could have a panel on the website Home Page where tweets could be displayed live, as I swear I saw something like that on the BBC news website last week, but it's not there this week, so I might have dreamed it.  No doubt all will become clear with time.

So then we cracked open a few bottles, ate some nibbles and nattered for a bit before melting away into the night.  Jenny and I melted via a new Iranian restaurant in Cambridge which served us delicious food but had a bemusingly brief wine list, consisting of the words Red Wine £x.  Turned out to be quite a nice Australian shiraz.  Only later did I cotton on to the fact that the guys are almost certainly all muslim, so don't drink alcohol and really don't understand those of us that do.  Particularly not when we've had a few!

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