Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Excellent service from John Lewis, Cambridge

15 years ago, I bought a nice office chair from John Lewis at a very reasonable price and I was delighted, the following year, when I slipped my disc, to find that it was still comfortable despite the injury.  From then on, I never had a comfortable office chair anywhere I worked, and I struggled until I finally retired a couple of years ago.  Nevertheless, the office chair at home remained comfy and I could sit in it for hours on end with nary a twinge.

A few days ago it suddenly started to feel strange in the seat department, and closer inspection revealed that the foam insert in the seat had cracked right across.  I was curious that there didn't seem to be anything supporting the foam underneath, but assumed it must be some special foam.

I called a supplier in a nearby town and discussed it with him, agreeing that I'd dismantle the chair and take the foam over for him to look at. But when I did, I found that the foam insert had been moulded around a metal frame, and a quick phone call confirmed that he'd not be able to do anything to help me.

Then I phoned John Lewis, without hope, but not wanting to leave any avenue unexplored.  The girl listened to my sorry tale, took the details and said she'd ask the furniture repair people to ring me.

I've just had a lovely phone conversation with a woman there, suggesting this, offering that, saying she'd speak to people in the furniture department to see if anyone has any ideas about how to get spares for Kebe (Denmark) chairs, etc.  I really felt as though nothing would be too much trouble for her, and it really reinforced my bias in favour of shopping at John Lewis whenever possible. Lovely!


Jennyta said...

How lovely to experience some good customer service. It restores one's faith in human nature!

ArcticFox said...

you can't beat a good customer service story - they are so rare and of course I ALWAYS make sure that the company who I've dealt with know all about it..... usually I'd ask the person who helped me for their boss's email address or something. Hope your chair gets sorted.

Anonymous said...

I have used them twice now, using the click and collect. It worked well