Monday, 2 July 2012

A most obliging bird!

This is actually in reverse chronological order, but that's how I feel like writing it!

I was on Fowlmere nature reserve this afternoon and as I walked away from the main hide I was watching a bunch of about 20 swifts, circling high up, when I was distracted by a hobby passing by.  Once that had flown out of sight I turned back to the swifts, only to find their numbers had swelled to about 75!  That was very satisfying, as there seem to be rather few about, and that was the most I've seen together for some years.

But before that, sitting in the hide, I heard a linnet singing, so crept over to his side of the hide and to my delight, saw him not three metres away.  I took several photographs, regretting slightly that he was facing away from me, when a gust of wind upset his balance and when he re-settled, he'd turned around.  Perfect!  More photographs, then I pressed the Record button, and got this short clip of him, which I'm pretty pleased with.  I hope you can play it.


ArcticFox said...

great little clip - well done - really nice and clear and lovely bit of vocals.

Rob Clack said...

As I was doing it, I was worried the wind would blow and I'd get that classic camera-mike roar, but fortunately got away with it. No idea how to avoid the roar. Perhaps I should do some google research.

ArcticFox said...

don't you have to have one of those giant grey furry caterpillars over the microphone?