Thursday, 3 May 2012

Shake, Fold, and Save a Forest

This TED talk only takes 4 mins 30 seconds and I think it might just change your life, albeit just a tiny bit.  I think it probably has mine.

So I tried it myslf, using a single sheet of kitchen roll, and it works.  First, as you shake your hands over the sink, you'll notice that the splashing sound gets quieter;  obviously, you're shaking most of the water off your hands before you even pick up the paper towel.

Folding the sheet is not actually essential.  I tried drying my hands with an unfolded sheet and although it was harder, it did work.  What made it harder was that the sheet disintegrated once it was wet.  Folding means it retains its integrity for longer, so it's easier to complete the drying process.

Something he didn't mention, as it's obvious, is that it's rarely essential you dry your hands completely.  We know this.  Ever since the invention of hot air hand driers, we've known that walking away with damp hands is no big deal.

So next time you dry your hands with a paper towel, remember SHAKE, FOLD!  And congratulate yourself for being less profligate with the world's scarce resources!


ArcticFox said...

the high powered cold air hand driers are much more efficient than the old hot air ones..... and failing that I'd tend to wipe my wet hands down my jeans anyway!! Denim is the new paper!!

ArcticFox said...

ps the guy's cool.... really engaging in such a simple topic... he could bamboozle you but he doesn't need to!! Excellent

Rob Clack said...

Yes, I like the Dyson hand blasters, too! Interesting how, as with hair driers, the technology has moved away from a waft of hot air to a cool, and much more effective, hurricane.

Anonymous said...

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Rob Clack said...