Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Non-stun religious slaughter

I was horrified this morning to discover that a quarter of the meat sold in the UK is from animals which were not stunned before slaughter, despite the fact that the people who insist on such meat for religious reasons make up only a tiny fraction of the UK population.

Like the BHA, I think such slaughter should not be permitted, but at the very least, all such meat should be marked, so we can avoid it.


ArcticFox said...

does this figure include "game" I wonder? It will certainly be a lot easier when all our meat is grown in vitro (also known as shmeat) won't it?? won't it??

ArcticFox said...

Also... on a serious note..... I would be EXTRA surprised if the figure of 25% of our meat being Halal is accurate.... sounds far too high to me. Not just high, but unreasonably so.... there are some weird wordings in the article you've given... such as "most Halal meat is produced from stunned animals" - It's hard to tell what is really being said.... if quarter of our meat is halal and most of it is produced from stunned animals then what's the issue.... that we are unknowingly eating halal meat or that some animals are not stunned? Confused from Huddersfield!!

Rob Clack said...

Yes, that's interesting, isn't it? I had to re-read the article to pick up the point you make.

So it's not necessary for Halal meat to not be pre-stunned (though they didn't give any details of that, of course) and most Halal meat is pre-stunned, so from the Halal perspective, what's the fuss about?

I think I'll email BHA and ask for some clarification.

ArcticFox said...

let me know how you get on - it certainly changes the tone of the article doesn't it?