Monday, 30 April 2012

A Triumph of Hope over Experience

I think this is quite a young cat! 

The tree is in our back garden and used to be a blue cyprus of some sort, but when it grew too big, we had all the foliage cut off by a tree surgeon, and it should eventually die, if it's not dead already.  Conifers are like that, whereas many deciduous trees would simply have put out new shoots and carried on growing.

The cat is after a collared dove which is slightly cropped off the top of the picture, and of course, it stands no chance.  It's now a good five metres up the tree and the dove (and it's mate which by now has flown away) has been watching it right from the start.

As you'd expect, moments after I took this picture, the dove flew away and the disappointed kitty climbed down.

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ArcticFox said...

I had to have my ash tree chopped down this year - it was far too big and unwieldy for my little garden... I won't preted not to be upset about it... I love trees and the loss of it has transformed the street.... our cat used to love belting down the garden and straight up the tree with a huge burst of speed - she's recently had to be satisfied with watching the birds from up our cherry tree.... them's the breaks kitty!