Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Spanish house sparrows

With the Spanish flat unoccupied so much of the time after my step-mother died, hordes of house sparrows started resting in the beaugainvillia that grows up the columns on the back patio.  Oh, OK, here's a pic.

We like house sparrows, as they're in steep decline in the UK, and for the past five years or so we've put out food for them and increased the number of nest boxes they can choose from.  Our local population has risen from half a dozen to 25 or more.

When we went out to Spain at Christmas, 2010, there must have been well over 50 roosting in those creepers every night, and we really enjoyed sitting on the patio, glass in hand, watching them build up the courage to fly in.  We made them nervous, so we tried to keep still and quite, which kinda worked.

Since the flat is now let out for holidays, the sparrows have started roosting elsewhere, but there are still swarms of them about, and it was with particular pleasure that we watched them feeding up just before going to bed each evening while we were there last week.

I took some video footage, out of which I've clipped this very short excerpt, so you get an idea of the numbers of birds.  I think it's pretty impressive. 


ArcticFox said...

now THAT is a handsome tally of sparrows!! In fact it's nigh on a HOST of sparrow!

ArcticFox said...

ps the Spanish flat looks adorable!

Rob Clack said...

Welcome back, FoX, how nice to hear from you! You can take a remote look at the flat by visiting the letting agency's web page for it at here at

ArcticFox said...

Thank you kind sir for the welcome - I love the flat.... I was particularly fond of the still shot of the lemon tree.... and by how fast the "loading" circle whizzed round maniacally while loading the virtual tour.... I snorted! Looks like a very relaxing retreat.