Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Busy day

I've been watching the sealant that glues the bath to the wall for some years now, as it gradually deteriorated, and it's finally made it to the top of the list.   The damn silicone takes 24 hours to dry, so I figured if I had at it as soon as I'd showered this morning, the 22 hours it would get would probably be enough.

In the end I compromised, just replacing the sealant at the shower end, as that was dire, while the other half of the bath actually looked perfectly OK.  That saved quite a bit of time, and soon enough I was clearing up the mess.  Good job, pleased to get that done.

I had a minor shop to do, including Frontline (flea and louse killer) for the cat, but then suddenly found it was lunchtime.  Amazing where the time goes!

While eating my sandwiches, I phoned the blood donor centre at Addenbrookes.  I had an email the other day saying they're trying to build up stocks in preparation for the massive influx of visitors for the Olympics, and, due to a change in the rules, I was in the happy position of being able to donate twice before the games start.

I got an appointment at 2pm, and it was by now 1:30, so I climbed rapidly into my motorcycling kit and rode off.  It was a super day and I really enjoyed the ride, particularly as I felt I had an excuse to press on a bit!

The nurse who took my blood was excellent.  I don't know what the technique for poking the needle into your arm relatively painlessly, but this girl was one of the best I've met.  Yes, of course it hurt a bit, but not much at all, and within quite a short time my arm was empty and I was sipping tea up the other end of the room.

After an equally pleasant ride home, I spent about an hour doing some Spanish, then made the dinner (shepherd's pie from the leftovers from Sunday's roast lamb) and now I'm waiting for Jenny to come home.

I feel as though I've hardly stopped all day!

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ArcticFox said...

sounds ideal - a good day and good tasks completed!