Thursday, 22 March 2012

Spring! Glorious Spring!

It has been such a glorious day!  16°C may not sound like much, but it's a major contrast with what we were experiencing a week or so ago!  The sun shone all day, the daffodils are out, what's not to love!

The work at the nature reserve was done by lunchtime and Doug had to disappear off to RSPB HQ at Sandy, so after eating lunch sitting in the sun and hanging about watching birds for a bit (2 buzzards, a yellowhammer, a chiff-chaff, several goldfinches, 2 mute swans, 3 lapwings) I went home and after quite a short time, got togged up and got the motorbike out.

This is its first outing since the autumn, and I was feeling slightly guilty, as there have been days when I could have got it out, but chose not to.  Today was not one of those!  I didn't want anything too challenging, so just drove roughly north, skirted west of Cambridge, then took the A14 towards Newmarket.  Rather before getting there, I peeled off at the Quy junction and followed what I assume is the old Cambridge to Newmarket road.  It has some wonderful, sweeping bends which you can take comfortably at 90, so I arrived at the far end exhilerated!

Turning right in the outskirts of Newmarket I joined the A11, then took the spur towards home.  The section from Newmarket home is not terribly inspiring, but that was fine.

Before I got home, however, I took a right turn and went to Melbourn, where Pam and John live,  and begged a cup of tea.  Actually, Pam was rather busy, but she very kindly took the time to make me tea and herself a coffee.  She was drying and ironing curtains, which she'd washed, and drying her hair, and waiting for a music pupil who was due to arrive in 15 minutes, so I shouldn't really have stayed.  However, I don't get to see as much of Pam as I'd like, so I took the selfish option, and it was lovely to natter to her.

And I feel really good about having got the bike out.  If it's nice and warm tomorrow morning, I might go to my Spanish class on it, saying which, I shall post this and then check the forecast.

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