Wednesday, 14 March 2012

(Some) Good news for Argentinian women

This BBC news article reports good, if limited, news for Argentinian women. 

Section 2, Article 86 of the Argentine penal code states that abortion is not a punishable act "if the pregnancy stems from a rape or an attack on the modesty of a woman of feeble mind".

The  problem is that this is rather ambiguous, and some courts have been ruling that abortion is only legal if it's a feeble-minded woman who has been raped.

The good news is that the Argentinian Supreme Court has now ruled that any woman who has been raped can legally obtain an abortion, and this ruling cannot be overturned.

Of course, it doesn't address the fact that most of the women wanting abortions haven't been raped.  There are an estimated 500,000 illegal abortions a year in Argentina, and the maternal mortality rate is correspondingly high.  The law for these women is clear and unambiguous, so needs to be changed by the government.  Don't hold your breath.

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