Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Another good book

Another book I've read recently, and have just added to the Some Good Reads list on the right, is Born in Africa, by Martin Meredith.  This one was not among the Winton Prize list, as it was only published last year, but who knows, it might be on this years list.  Unless it gets shortlisted, we'll never know, as Jenny's not one of the judges.

This book deals with the evolution of man in a really interesting way.  The first two-thirds or so of the book covers the history of the discovery of our evolution, from the very early days when most people still believed in Adam and Eve, through the Piltdown Man hoax, the Leakeys in Kenya and Ethiopia, right up to the most recent advances, including all the in-fighting and back-stabbing that went on.  Much nastier than the world of palaeontology!

The last third is a succinct summary of how we understand human evolution actually took place.  It's a great way to present the information, first the sequence of discoveries, then the timeline that actually lead to us.  Great book!  Read it!

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