Monday, 9 January 2012

Jawfish mimics Mimic Octopus

Judging by the number of hits you get when you type "mimic octopus jawfish" into Google, this is old news, but I think it's so cool I'm going to post about it anyway.  Take a look at these two photographs.
The mimic octopus hit the headlines a year or two back because of it's impressive ability to mimic lion fish or flat fish and so on,(see here for a YouTube video) but this latest twist is even better.

The octopus only lives around Indonesia, and the black-marble jawfish has a much bigger range, but where the two overlap, the fish has been spotted pretending to be part of the octopus, thereby avoiding becoming someone's lunch.

In both photo's, the red arrow is pointing at the fish's head, but it's such a good disguise, it's still hard to see, even knowing that!

You can read the full details about it here.

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