Friday, 13 January 2012

Goldfinches in the garden

I love it when we get anything slightly unusual in the garden, and although there are loads of goldfinches around right now, we get hordes at Fowlmere, for instance, we don't often see them in our garden.  So it was a particular pleasure today to see six feeding high up in the paper birch tree, then later, two at the bird feeders.  This photo isn't pin-sharp, partly because I took it through the window.  I've found, with goldfinches, that opening the window, however slowly and quietly you do it, is enough to frighten them away, so today I didn't even try.


Jennyta said...

I love goldfinches but, although we used to get the odd few, for the past three years we haven't had any.

Rob Clack said...

The BTO Garden Birdwatch results show goldfinches have been steadily increasing in numbers over the years, though it varies by region, of course. They also show the annual variation in numbers, with a peak in April.

We only started getting them regularly when we put out a special nyger seed bird feeder in the hope of attracting them.