Saturday, 14 January 2012

Disproportionately pleased

Before we went to the Galapagos, in December 2009, we decided it was essential we have a camera each, so we went to John Lewis in Cambridge and bought a nice Panasonic Lumix, and I've been completely delighted with it ever since.  The image stablisation has meant that I've taken far fewer rubbish blurry shots than before, though I still take quite a few rubbish sharp shots, of course!  The star Galapagos photo is this one, in which the dragonfly was a good 5 metres away.  The 18X optical zoom is also pretty good, though rather upstaged by the modern versions of the same camera, of course.

However, one thing has been bugging me, just a bit, every time I used the camera.  The lens cap was a very sloppy fit, so it would constantly fall off.  Not enough to make me cross, but certainly enough to generate a quiet GRRR! each time.

Today we went into Cambridge for completely different reasons, but I thought in time, to take the camera.  We passed through Jessops, where a nice man sold me a lens cap THAT FITS!!!!!!  Hoorah!  So I'm completely delighted, yet it's such a small thing. How silly is that?!!

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Jennyta said...

It's the small things that make life go a little more smoothly, Rob. ;)