Monday, 23 January 2012


On Saturday we went to Cambridge Arts Theatre to see another new and stunning contemporary dance group called BalletBoyz.  They're touring the country, and if you get a chance, go and see them.  They're brilliant, and the choreography is quite different from any other group we've seen.  I won't say any more, because the link takes you to a short video which will show you all you need to know.

Initially I was disappointed with the seats we were allocated.  The theatre's ticketing system was down when I booked the seats, and they took all the details manually, then issued the tickets when the sytem came back up.  I'd asked for seats in the middle of the row, as close to the front of the stalls as we could get, but when I collected them, we were on the far right of row D in the circle, which is quite a bit different.

However, we did have a good, if rather more distant, view, and we saw the stage from a completely different angle to what we're used to.  We lost the right-hand edge of the stage, being so far to the right.  In some ways we had a much better view than we'd have had where we normally sit, but we missed the immediacy of being really close.  So overall, not as disappointing as we'd thought to start with, and we'll consider central seats in the circle in future.

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