Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Haydn Seasons

We made a mistake a few weeks ago, but it'll all be over soon.  Our main choir, Royston Priory Singers, gave a concert in a local church, and the conductor had invited a couple he knows, a tenor and an alto, to join us to bulk up the numbers a bit, and I ended up standing next to this tenor.

We sang half a dozen anthems suitable for Remembrance, though a week early, then did the Fauré Requiem, all of which went off rather well.

At the end, the tenor turned to me and explained that his choir was singing the Haydn Seasons on 11th December, and did I want to come along, as they were a little light on tenors.  I've never been invited to help out like that before, and was sufficiently flattered to agree.

That was before I discovered that the choir was a good 45 minutes drive from home!  So on Tuesdays until the actual gig, Jenny has to catch a slightly earlier train home, I have to have the dinner ready by 6.30 and we don't get home until close to 11pm.

And the Haydn is hard!  Neither of us had even heard of it before we started, and we're not that keen on it, now we've met it.  Quite often, the tune you're singing simply doesn't go where you're expecting it to.   I've been bashing notes at home quite a bit, and there are still large sections I'm hopeless at. Fortunately, the man actually lied, and the tenor line up is quite strong, so it matters less that some of the time I'll be singing in quiet mode.

I'll be much more circumspect if I ever get flattered like that again!

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