Monday, 21 November 2011

An Unsatisfactory Sunday

Yesterday was such a glorious day that we decided to forgo the pleasures of gardening and drive to Grafham Water to watch birds.  We'd been reading about the reserve in the Wildlife Trusts magazine, and it seemed a perfect way to use a beautiful day.

As we drove around the Papworth bypass, however, we found ourselves entering a bank of fog, with visibility down to less than 100m in places.  Well, not so much a bank of fog as an extensive blanket!

Still driving through fog, we stopped in the village of Brampton to buy lunch in a pub I've been to before, only to find it closed down.  We found the George Hotel in Huntingdon, where lunch was adequate rather than great, but then we had a bonus as they were running a special offer which we'd not spotted, and our two fish and chips lunches were £10 instead of £8 each.  Lunch with drinks for £16 was good value!

The fog had lifted a few millimetres, so we drove hopefully towards Grafham Water, but on the A1 it was as bad as ever, so we turned around at the first roundabout and went home.

At this point, we still had delusions of being able to visit Fowlmere as compensation for our disappointment at Grafham, but by the time we got back near home, it was already too late to be worth the diversion, and in any case, we needed a cup of tea!

Later, turning on my phone to check the calendar (I'm older generation - my phone stays off much of the time!) I discovered a message from my friend Pam, who had called at lunchtime to give us a lift to a choir practice.  Oh bugger!  We'd completely forgotten that was happening.  This was the second of two rehearsals for a concert in Southwark Cathedral on 3rd December, and we'd been unable to do the first as we'd had a visiting Swedish academic staying with us.  I made a grovelling apology to el Chef the conductor, but there's no way we can take part now.  Fortunately, he has enough bodies in the choir that he wasn't dependent on our being there.

So overall, not a very satisfactory Sunday. 

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Jennyta said...

Ah, that'll teach you to keep your phone switched off. Get into the 21st century and have it surgically attached to your ear - like everyone else. ;)