Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Printing problems solved!

This is the problem I've been having printing out a photograph of my new reclining nude carving.  The original photograph  shows the colours more or less as they are in real life, a rich red, and on the monitor, all looks good.  However, when I printed the picture out, the colours were completely different, and my beautiful nude seemed to be a dull brown colour.  It was driving me nuts!

I contacted Canon Customer Support, who recommeded I download and use something called an Adobe Colour Profile, but didn't provide any clue as to how I was supposed to use it once installed.   I wasted hours and half a small rain forest farting about trying to get a decent print, since there is a plethora of different settings both in Photoshop and on the printer, none of which seemed to make the slightest difference.

Not knowing what else to try, I stuck a sheet of glossy photograph paper into the printer, instead of plain.  Until then, the pictures I'd been printing had come out OK for my purposes, so it hadn't occurred to me the paper might affect the colours that were printed on it.  When I hit the tit, bingo!  Out came a photo with the colours not unacceptably remote from the original.

Now why didn't someone suggest that right from the start?

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