Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Broken maquette

 This is a chalk maquette of a goddess I've been working on for the past week or so.  I always planned to carve the final version in limestone, but wanted to play around with the design in chalk first, as it's so soft and quick.

To be truthful, I was unhappy with the slot down the front, right from the start, as it makes her torso look too face-like, but I carried on, as I wanted to explore other ideas elsewhere, such as scooping out her thighs, which you can see I started to do on her left. 

Although conceived simply as an exercise to explore the shape, there had been times when I'd imagined finishing her to a decent standard, then consolidating the surface of the chalk with a liquid sealant, making her into an acceptable work of art that I could keep inside.

I was distracted this afternoon as soon as I started that scooping out, when I discovered a small fossil, possibly a fish, in the chalk right there.  After extracting that and sending Jenny an email about it, I carried on, but then fell foul of a personal characteristic I've brought forward from when I was very young.

I have always had a tendency to rush at things and try to make too much progress too quickly.  In this case, I'd carved my goddess to roughly final proportions, (still lots to do, of course) but was then too vigorous when I started to scoop out her thigh.  Too rough with the hammer and chisel, and after a while, I looked up and noticed that she'd cracked right across her waistline.

Well, bugger!  Fairly happy I know where I'm headed when I start on the limestone final, but actually rather sad to have wasted the maquette, which I was getting to like.


Nora said...

That's a shame. I like what you had done so far. You seem very talented. I hope you sdtart on the limestone one soon. I can't wait to see how you will tackle that. I'm here through Elsie Button. XOX

Rob Clack said...

Hi Nora, and welcome. I'm quite keen to make a start on the limestone, too, so hopefully it won't be too long!