Monday, 14 November 2011

Art Exhibition

Well, the Reclining Nude is as finished as she's going to be for now, though there are still things I could do to improve her.  This is what she looks like now.  This photograph is not the most thought-through composition I've ever done;  I just cleared the mantlepiece in the living room and stuck her up there for the photograph.  She'd not even central, and the lighting's rubbish, but there you go.

I've taken the three pieces up to Curwens and installed them there, and now the sixth formers from Freeman College in Buntingford are hanging their pictures.  I didn't spend long there as I'd just have been getting in the way,  but what I saw was impressive, and I'm looking forward to getting a proper look at the private viewing on Wednesday.

Later.  I still have the problem of how to clean my hands.  When I applied the first, sealing coat of French polish, I neglected to wear any disposable gloves.  The grain of the wood, despite my wiping it down with a damp cloth, still retained quite a lot of wood dust which, mixed with the French polish, stained the resin a deep red.  

That went onto my hands, winkling its way into all the cracks and crevices, where it remains.  My hands look a complete mess!  I've scrubbed them with meths, the standard way to dissolve shellac, without much result, so now I'm pretty much resigned to waiting for the stain to grow out.  Lovely!

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