Monday, 31 October 2011


On Saturday morning, having finished our shopping, we decided to visit Scotsdales Garden Centre near Cambridge, to buy a Fatsia japonica which we'd decided we wanted for a bare spot in the garden.  We regard trips to Scotsdales as a bit of a luxury, but it was a beautiful day, so we just said "What the hell!"

While there, we got details of gabions, as the spot for the plant actually needs to be terraced a bit, to stop the soil just slipping down the slope and onto the path.  Gabions are those wire mesh cages you see with cobbles in, forming retaining walls.  We fancy using those, so were costing the exercise up.  Rather more than we'd imagined, of course!

Coming out of Scotsdales, I just felt like taking the scenic route, rather than driving directly home, so turned left and headed for the coutryside.  That idea quickly changed into plans for lunch at the Cricketers Arms in Clavering.  The Cricketers is run by Jamie Oliver's parents, and I've been there several times and always had excellent food, but somehow, I've never taken Jenny, so this was my opportunity to rectify that.

Sadly, when we arrived, both car parks were completely full, so we didn't even go in.  It's not a vast pub, and with all those cars, there was little chance we'd get our lunch any time soon.  We headed towards home, but then saw the Three Tuns in a little village called Great Hormead.  I had a memory of having eaten there once, long ago, but it was completely unfamiliar, so I guess I made that up.

Anyhow, we had an excellent lunch, Jenny drank a pint of Old Hookey and I had a decent glass of sauvignon blanc.

After a cup of tea at home, we decided some birding was in order.  I'd heard there were red kites not far away, and had read a blog which suggested where we might see some. We didn't see any raptors, but did see skylarks, and hords of chaffinches, which made the walk worth the effort.  A very pleasant way to round off the day.

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