Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Roasted tomato passata

In my greenhouse I grow tomatoes, amongst other things, and this year I had three growbags with three plants each of Gardeners' Delight, a small, red tomato, Sun Gold, an orange cherry tomato (and a stunning little taste-bomb into the bargain!) and Black Cherry, a small, dark-skinned tomato.  The main motivation was to be able to make good-looking tomato salads, and we were very successful there.

As usual, they produced far more fruit than we could deal with, and during the summer, as has become my wont, I made and froze tomato soup on a number of occasions.

As we get towards the end of the season, the red and orange tomatoes had more or less stopped growing, so we tore them out last weekend, leaving the Black Cherry plants, as they still seems slightly active.

That left us with deciding what to do with the fruit we'd picked off the discarded plants.  I opted for passata rather than soup, as there's already some soup in the freezer, but then pulled someone else's suggestion out of my memory and first roasted the tomatoes before sieving them.  I can't remember who suggested it, but it seemed like a good idea.

I halved each tomato, then gave them half an hour in a roasting tray at about 180°C.  When cooled, Jenny pushed them through a sieve (I was cooking the dinner) and as we cleared up, I sampled a teaspoonful of the passata.

It is just gorgeous, and I'll definitely be doing that again next year.  Sweet and rich, with a real "Wow!" factor.   What I'll also be trying, is roasting the tomatoes before making the soup, as the flavour of the roasted fruit is so intense. Watch this space!

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