Thursday, 4 August 2011

A trip to Scotland

On Tuesday last week, Jenny and I took the train up to Edinburgh for the reopening of the National Museum of Scotland after a major refit.  It was quite a big investment of time and money, considering we only stayed at the event for a couple of hours, but it was very good to meet up with our old friend Nick Fraser, Keeper of Natural Sciences there.  And it was pretty impressive, with over 1000 attending.

Sadly, I didn't take my camera, and my phone is useless in low light levels, so although I took quite a few photographs, none was worth posting.

On the birding front, I've been maintaining the "What's About?" sheet in Doug's absence, so have visited Fowlmere several times.  I'm rather pleased with this action shot of a kingfisher, taken from Reedbed Hide.

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