Monday, 8 August 2011


On Saturday we hosted a barbie for Jenny's colleagues at the University Museum of Zoology, which went rather well.  After two solid days' preparation, we had about 25 turn up.  They brought whatever they wanted to cook on the fires plus some booze, while we provided baked potatoes, half a dozen different sorts of salad and three desserts, as well as the backbone of a drinks supply.

We had to borrow stuff from the lovely Lorna and Richard, and had four barbies spread around the garden as well as loads of chairs and a reasonable number of tables.

Jenny and I were very circumspect about the alcohol in the early part of the evening, just to make sure all went according to plan, but once most of the eating had been done, we allowed ourselves to relax a little.  The weather was kind and we spent the whole time outside, a regular trickle of people returning to the kitchen to replenish their drinks.  As dusk came on, the night-scented stocks did their biz and all were suitably impressed!

Some people had driven, and they tended to drift away earlier than the rest, but most had come by train and caught the last train back to Cambridge, which meant it was almost midnight before they left.  We, having had to work pretty hard, were absolutely whacked by this time, of course!

In the morning, nursing hangovers, we broke the back of the clearing up, then just idled the rest of the day away, recovering.  It's rare for us to just sit about reading at the weekend, but that was the therapy we needed, so we indulged oursleves  Sitting in the attic, I was reading a Classic Bike magazine that Richard had passed to me (I pass my Motorcycle Sport and Leisure to him and he passes me Classic Bike!) and started finding myself wanting to buy an early 1950's BSA 500, but Jenny was quick to point out that I hardly use the BMW, never mind a second bike in the stable, so that brought me back to reality!
 I found this picture on the web, which I presumably shouldn't have copied, but hey.  This is a very tidy 1937 example.  BSA made hundreds of thousands of these, especially during the war for the armed forces, and a lot get restored into military style, but I prefer the civilian look.

All academic, of course, as I'm not going to get one!


Jennyta said...

Sounds like a lovely evening, Rob! :)

Rob Clack said...

Yes. Very satisfying when things work out well.