Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Shiny! Shiny!

This is me posing with my new bike, a BMW F800ST, and I'm very pleased with it, even though it was an impulse buy. 

I'd been looking at a small variety of bikes, based on the criteria that they must not have a chain final drive, they must have some sort of weather protection, they must be rather lighter and more agile than the Pan and they must have ABS.

I'd not really considered a BMW until strongly recommended by a friend and BMW nut who lives on Shetland, but when I saw this one on a dealer's website, I realised it ticked all the necessary boxes, so went and had a test ride. 

Rather to my surprise, I found myself agreeing to buy it on the spot, especially when the man threw in a secondhand pair of panniers for nothing.

It's smaller and lighter than the Pan, has ABS, some rather rudimentary weather protection, and a toothed belt final drive.  The panniers are rather smaller than on the old bike, but at least I can get a helmet in one of them.   The screen is rather abbreviated, and I might have to buy a taller one, but I'll stick with the original for a while and see how I get on.

Jenny was less than impressed by the amount of research I did before buying it, but as I was still pleased when I got it home on Saturday, has somewhat relented in her criticism!


Jennyta said...

I think I'm probably with Jenny on this, Rob, but each to his own. You'll enjoy it and that's the main thing!

Rob Clack said...

Well Jenny knew I needed a bike and is glad now I've got one, but really thought I should have ridden a few others before making up my mind. She's probably right, too!