Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Jackdaw update

In cleaning up the jackdaw poo, I couldn't help noticing the large amount of dust and cobwebs all over the place, not to mention the spider poo on the windows! I'm not convinced we've given the attic a decent clean since it was converted into a room, erm, some years ago.  Sunday, being rainy, was the perfect day for us to rectify this.

I cleaned the windows inside and out, though not as thoroughly on the outside as I'd have liked, it being kind of wet out there. With two vacuum cleaners going, we got the room done in about an hour and a half, which was not bad.  Gave away an old TV, freeview box and VCR on Freecycle, and took another old TV and VCR to the recycling centre.

With a tiny amount of time available, we visited Focus DIY in Letchworth.  We knew Focus were in administration, but hadn't realised how far the closure had progressed.  There was very little on the shelves, and we were unable to find the bookcase we were after.  We did find a bentwood chair, which was also on our list, so bought that.

As we drove home, we realised that in our rush, we'd not investigated the colour of the chair, so didn't know what colour the wood or fabric were.  We just hoped for the best.  Turned out both were what you might call 'blonde', ie the pale creamy colour of the natural, which suits the room rather well.  Quite comfy, too.

There was less good news on the jackdaw front.  Although he showed some improvement initially, after a couple of days the poor mite died.  Caroline told me that sometimes severe dehydration can do all sorts of invisible damage, like kidney, for instance, after which it's only a matter of time.  Oh well, we did our best.

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