Monday, 9 May 2011

The north Norfolk coast

For many years now, Royston Priory Singers has sung a couple of services in Binham Priory, on the Sunday of the first weekend in May, but with all those bank holidays over the past few weeks, there's not been enough rehearsal time, so this year the gig was cancelled.

Not to be done out of our weekend's fun, Jenny and I booked our usual holiday flat in Sheringham, and on Friday, drove up there with Lorna and Richard.  One difference this time was that Richard drove my car, as my immobilised knee prevents me from driving.  We went in our car as it's slightly bigger than theirs. Just to make packing everything in more of a challenge, I'd hired a wheelchair from WheelFreedom, and I'm really glad I did as it made an enormous difference.

The pattern for the weekend was much as usual - fish and chips and champagne on Friday night, a visit to Titchwell Marshes bird reserve on Saturday, followed by dinner at the wonderful No 10 restaurant in Sheringham.  On Sunday we visited Sherringham Park to see the rhododendrons and azaleas, then home for about 6pm.

So I'll spare you the bird and flower pictures, but this is one Jenny took of me just after we'd arrived at Sheringham Park.  Out of the blue, we found electric buggies by the visitors' centre, available at no charge.  A member of staff took my details, showed me how it worked and let me loose on an unsuspecting public!  Result!  Instead of leaving the wheelchair at the visitors' centre, Lorna used it.  Lorna has arthritis in her hips, and was in quite a lot of pain yesterday, so being able to sit in the wheelchair and have Richard push her around was an unexpected bonus.  On the bird reserve on Saturday, she and I had taken turns.


Jennyta said...

Sounds as though you had a lovely weekend. Did you and Lorna have races, or tie knives to the wheels of your chariots.... Oh sorry, got a bit carried away there. ;)

Rob Clack said...

We did have a lovely time, particularly as the weather was so good.

I wish I'd thought of racing, and especially knives on the wheels! Brilliant!