Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Nasty, dangerous things, cars!

 This photograph is entitled "Thank goodness for full-face helmets!"

Yesterday morning I went to the dentist for a checkup, scale and polish.  It being a beautiful day, naturally I went on my motorcycle.  I try always to use the bike because although parking is usually possible for a car, sometimes it's a bit problematic, so the bike is just easier.  And usually more fun!

Sadly, on the way home, it turned out to be less fun.  A car waiting to turn right out of a junction on my right, failed to see me, so pulled out in front of me.  I was unlucky in that when I hit the brakes, there must have been some gravel or similar under the front wheel, because the bike just vanished from under me.  Given it was a warm, sunny day and the road surface was dry, there's no way I should have lost control like that, but there you go.  I did.

Fortunately the car stopped half-way across the junction, so I bounced in front of, rather than into him, and the bike slid off leftwards, through a wooden fence and into a wooded area.  I still don't know what kind of shape it's in, but suspect the worst.

The critical thing, when you come off a bike, is not to hit anything.  Hitting things hurts, so is best avoided.  Which I did.  I bounced quite a long way down the road, ruining all my gear in the process, but when I finally came to rest on the grass verge, my first thought was "I believe I've not broken anything.  Bloody hell!  How did I do that?"

Of course, I was rapidly surrounded by a crowd wanting to know if I was OK, so I took my helmet off and then stood up, continuing to be surprised I could do so.  One of the witnesses suggested that I get checked out at Addenbrookes, and I agreed, so she called an ambulance.  I'd not been going as fast as I would normally, being in the frame of mind to just pootle along enjoying the ride, but even so, I wasn't doing 30mph!

Climbing into the back of the ambulance,  I noticed a sticky feeling around my left knee, and investigation revealed a  short, rather deep cut, which the paramedics said would need a stitch or two.  Three, as it turned out.  They checked me out quite thoroughly before setting off to Addenbrookes, and I was gratified that my initial impression was largely correct.  I was shaken, but not stirred.

Disappointingly, that meant I wasn't treated to blue lights and sirens, which I thought was part of the deal!

At Addenbrookes they X-rayed my right hand, which was quite swollen and painful, but proved otherwise intact, and my left knee from about 6 different directions. The nice lady doctor apologised that they revealed I had actually cracked my kneecap, so my knee was going to have to be immobilised, even though there were otherwise no symptoms.  So my left leg is encased in something not dissimilar to a cricket batsman's leg pad, whcih stops the knee from flexing.  This is seriously inconvenient, since it means I can't drive the car.  As Jenny doesn't drive cars, that's quite limiting.

As the evening progressed, my hands got more and more painful, despite liberal applications of 'anaesthetic' in the form of Porcupine Ridge Syrah, and this morning are still too sore for me to use the crutches the hospital kindly provided.  Fortunately I managed to speak to someone at the fracture clinic, and she confirmed I could do without the crutches as long as I treated the leg sensibly.  Phew!

So today I'm just waiting for the worst of the pain to subside, after which I'll just be stuck with an inconveniently straight left leg for a bit.  If there's a god in his heaven (yeah, I know!) at the fracture clinic on Wednesday they'll say "No need for the splint.  Take it off and go home!"

Oh yes, and just to cap it all, today I've got gout in my right big toe.  For those who've not experienced the joys of gout, I recall my mother thinking she must somehow have broken her big toe, the pain was so intense.  Today's is not as severe as that, but it's pretty bad, so I'm now limping with both legs!  How fair is that?


Jennyta said...

You have had a rough time, Rob. I hope you recover soon. Meanwhile, sit back and enjoy being fussed over!

Rob Clack said...

Thanks Jenny. Everything hurt quite a lot yesterday, but today I'm in a great deal less pain. With any luck, by the weekend I'll be pretty much back to normal. All I have to do now is get the bike sorted out.