Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Damn bird!

This great tit has changed what it's feeding to its young.  Until a few days ago, both parents were rushing back and forth, delivering caterpillars and whatnot to their babies, and ferrying away the faecal sacs like good, houseproud parents.

But today I noticed this one, which is busily emptying my bird feeder, scattering food far and wide, evidently in search of something special.  I think it's sunflower seeds, though that doesn't make complete sense, since there's a feeder on the other side of the garden which supplies only sunflower kernels, and it's studiously ignoring that.

Anyhow, I rigged the white thing below the feeder to try to catch the waste, but it's not nearly big enough.  The bloody bird is chucking most of the stuff it doesn't want way beyond the edge of that!

What's the point of my preventing the grey squirrels from getting to the food if the damn birds just hurl it to the ground anyway?


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