Thursday, 7 April 2011

Birding at Fowlmere

As usual on a Thursday, I was at Fowlmere volunteering today, and what a delightful day I had!  First, Doug told me there were wheatears in the field just beyond the reserve, so I went straight there and met a man who knows about these things.  He showed me a picture and pointed out where the birds were, so I got a reasonable look.  They were rather far away, so without the instruction, I'd not have been able to identify them, but was pleased to see them, nevertheless.

At lunchtime I sat on the bench at the end of the boardwalk, where I saw a chiff chaff, three buzzards, a reed bunting, two willow warblers and a green woodpecker.

After lunch, when the rest of the volunteers had gone home, I helped Doug install a window into the back of a blue tit's nest.  There is a small hole in the wall of the Reception hut, and the tits had built a nest between the inner and outer walls of the hut.  After blocking the entrance hole with a rag, to stop the birds entering while we were working, we removed the inner panel of the wall and installed a pane of glass Doug had had especially cut.  Then we cut the inner panel in two and pinned it back in place.  Doug will buy the necessary hinges and latch so that when all is done, the inner panel can be opened, exposing the window into the blue tits' private lives!  I'm guessing that's going to be interesting to visiting parties of school children, as well as to me!

Doug will also be able to count the eggs without disturbing the birds, and ring the chicks before they fledge.

Once that was finished, I went in search of some redstarts which had been reported.  Sadly, I saw none, but I did come across a couple of male blackcaps singing at each other, which was some compensation!

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