Monday, 21 February 2011

Singing in St Edmundsbury Cathedral

Most years we do a weekend set of services in the cathedral in Bury St Edmunds during the February half term, and last weekend that spot came around once more.  The clergy are very welcoming, the cathedral is actually not quite freezing and the acoustic has been greatly improved by the completion of the new tower, added in celebration of the millenium, I think.  The extra height at the crossing pays dividends.  Oh, and they've spent a fortune on the organ, and to an organist every day playing on it is like having another day of Christmas!  Our pet organist, David Boarder, did have a lot of fun on it!

We acquitted ourselves well apart from the first Eucharist yesterday morning.  Saturday evensong was:

Tomkins responses
Sumsion Mag & Nunc in G.
Mendelsohn Verleih uns Frieden

No youtube videos for the Tomkins or Sumsion.  The only real cock up was when the basses came in half a bar early in the Mendelsohn.  They got a filthy glare from the conductor, and too bloody right!  It's not rocket science.

Sunday morning there were two Eucharists, the first with the Sandersted Mass which we didn't know well enough and predictably, screwed up somewhat.  The motet, Saint SaĆ«ns Panis angelicus was fine, though.  In the second Eucharist, we sang a Mass by Willis which we've not done before and which not many of us liked.  All the voices sing in unison, while the organ provides the interest.  We did it OK, but we don't want to do it again, thank you!

Sunday afternoon's Evensong went well, though we were all very tired by then.  Barnard Responses we've been doing since the beginning of time and could probably do without music. The Dyson Mag & Nunc is relatively new to our repertoire and was quite nice.  And we finished off with our favourite anthem: Maurice Greene - Lord, let me know mine end.  I think that's just about the whole world's favourite!

By the time we got home, we were completely whacked, of course, but very pleased with ourselves.

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